Do you want to be an incredible CEO? Do you want others to look at you with respect, dignity, and as someone they can look up to? Ultimately, the title of Chief Executive Officer comes with power but It’s how you use that power which will separate you from just a regular CEO or a great CEO! In my time I’ve seen a lot of CEO’s that come and go, CEO’s that can’t seem to grasp their role and ultimately CEO”s that can’t create a positive working morale. To make this happen, we analyze a variety of steps that can be taken to make you an incredible CEO!

  • Use the mission and vision of the company to help with your leadership direction
    • Be clear and concise at all times
    • Be decisive
    • Be bold
    • Show passion
    • Be humble
    • Be innovative
  • Act as the chief communicator
    • Keep important goals, facts, and challenges in front of people, along with the mission, vision and company objectives, to gain alignment, understanding, involvement, and commitment to action.
    • Promote effective and continuous two-way communication among all people in the company so everyone has the information needed to fully contribute to the mission and vision.
  • Lead the Leadership/Executive Management Team
    • Facilitate effective and creative interaction of the EMT as a model for all teams
    • Continuously build the capacity of the team to work effectively together to lead the company to higher levels of growth; ensure that all members are “team players” and support each other.
  • Identify with others
    • Be careful not to act like a CEO. Basically, this means setting the tone to ensure retention of corporate values and be the leader you were hired to be but don’t let it go to your head. Allow others to bring ideas to the table. Allow others to feel like they are part of the team as well as make yourself available for them to talk to.
  • Build the culture
    • Set the tone and ensure retention of the corporate values by setting an example and reinforcing the values in others.
    • Instill an “entrepreneurial spirit” in everyone along with accountability for results.
  • Competency
    • Show a deep understanding of the companies business model
    • Show a willingness to learn and adapt
  • Encourage and engage in continuous learning
    • Search for and identify new ways to improve the company and to cultivate innovation.
    • Proactively ask for feedback and use it to make positive change.
  • Care
    • Put the organization above you
    • Give others credit when appropriate

Ultimately, in your position, your number one goal should be to have others gel with you and adapt to the culture. There’s nothing better than having a team of individuals that share your passion and vision. If you should have any questions on how to be an incredible CEO, please let me know and if there are subjects you want me to discuss in the future, please let me know!





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