Q: Who is Chris Bartholomew?

A: Chris is a CEO and proven leader that has a solid record of M&A success and building sustainable growth.

He has successfully closed sell-side and buy-side M&A deals both in the US and overseas.

Chris thrives on building organizations, increasing revenues, leading operational excellence and growing shareholder value.

Q: How long does it take to complete an Acquisition?
A: Even the simplest merger and acquisition (M&A) deals are challenging. It takes a lot for two previously independent companies to join forces, identify and remove redundancies, agree on prices and strategy while maintaining employee productivity. It’s like putting together a complex puzzle, except that your right and left hands have never worked together before. A successful integration should take between three to six months, although there are many hurdles that could trip up the process.
Q: Why Do Business Owners Hire You?

A: Typically they hire him because they realize that they do not have the Leadership in place to enter an M&A process or grow the business to the level they want, in the timeline they need, or they simply lack the knowledge on how to get their company ready for sale and to maximize stakeholder value. Most employees are too busy working on the business and do not have the experience nor skill sets to mastermind the sale or growth of the company, let alone the nuances of increasing stakeholder value.

Q: What Experience Does He Have In Selling, Acquiring or Building Companies?

A: Chris is the CEO and Founder of 4X Inc. with 25+ years of Global Leadership experience, with a proven track record of M&A deals and Business Growth.

Chris believes that business owners are often at a cross road of either choosing to sell, acquire or organically grow their companies. He helps them work through the options and develops a strategy that is aligned to their best interests.


Q: You State Your Services As M&A, A CEO, Outsourced CEO, Business Consultant, Sales Consultant & Turnaround Consultant, But What Exactly Do You Do?

A: The answer is simply all of the above. Whether it’s the sale of the company or business growth it’s difficult to have the activities and tasks segmented into one classification, because so many actions are interdependent. Our clearly defined scope of the assignment is much more important than a title.


Q: Why Should We Work With You?

A: Perhaps the answer to this is that you shouldn’t work with us, especially if you are only looking to maintain a status quo. However, if you are looking to sell or build your business then there are compelling reasons for us to talk!


Q: How Much Do You Charge?
A: Typically we base our fees on the services we carry out and like our services we do not have a “canned” approach. It is totally dependent on the needs of our clients. We are very sensitive to our clients Investment in 4X Inc. and we will do our best to align our services within any budget limitations.


Q: What Industry Do You Specialized In?

A: We focus on the healthcare industry but we are M&A and Growth specialists first.

We have been active and successful in most business verticals. You may believe that the challenges you face are unique to you in your specific industry, but surprisingly enough, many business owners from different industries, experience the same issues & challenges. 


Q: What Results Can We Expect?

A: This is not a complex answer and we typically respond by asking what are the targets and how ready is the company to pursue these goals.  We are committed to exceeding your business goals but we cannot achieve success without the full commitments of our clients.


Q: How Much Do You Charge For A Business Evaluation?
A: We typically offer to pay all our fees and our clients pay the travel expense. The Business Evaluation/Discovery will take a minimum of 1 day.


Q: How Much Time Would You Be Able To Invest In Our Company?

A: We would never commit to a project unless we had sufficient time to commit and we will spend 40hrs per week on an assignment if needed. Whatever it takes, we will make it happen.


Q: How Long Does It Take For A Strategy Plan To Be Implemented?

A: The time it takes to develop an M&A Strategy or Growth Plan, they will vary based on the client’s requirements, resources and the complexity of the project. Once we receive all the requested data, we draft a plan for review. All customized plans will detail the strategy required to exceed the goals. Due to the customized nature, it is difficult to pinpoint a time frame, however the length of a typical engagement is 6-12 months.


Q: What Happens If My Company Has Very Proprietary Information, Which I Do Not Want To Leak Out?

A: Once we have determined that there is a strong “mutual fit”; we WILL send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information. When you become a client our standard contract provides ample protection that covers most circumstances.


Q: Why Don’t You List Your Clients’ Names On Your Website Or On LinkedIn?

A: Most of our clients insist on strict confidentiality, so we choose not to divulge any information about them beyond their industry and a general description of the type of services we provided them.


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