We have learned a few lessons from previous deals, including:

  • A neutral third-party facilitator is essential to the process.
  • Third-parties can ask the tough questions
  • Third-parties can answer the tough questions
  • Third-parties can arbitrate and can keep the deal on track in terms of direction and timelines.
  • Third-Parties can manage funders to be flexible and manage the uncertainty of the process.
  • Funders can play a key role in facilitating and funding restructuring opportunities for willing partners.
  • The involvement of third-parties with a particular expertise and independent goals often results in multiple, fragmented views of the agreement. Our partners may find it difficult to integrate these perspectives.
  • Increasing momentum to close the deal can force premature closure and limit consideration of integration issues.
  • Both buyer and seller are often unable to resolve important areas of ambiguity before they complete the agreement.

Does any of this sound like what you need?

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