Chris Bartholomew


Chris Bartholomew is the Founder and CEO of 4X Inc., a company that is dedicated to exceeding the needs of our client’s ACQUISITION demands or building sustainable and fast-paced BUSINESS GROWTH. He’s helped clients transform the way they normally do business and finalize deals they would have never thought possible.

4X clients have closed billions of dollars in sales all around the world. It’s Chris’s business savvy that you will definitely want on your team. His mixture of business finesse, philosophies, experience, technical know-how, knowledge along with just the right balance of fun are just a few of things that set him apart from the others.


Chris Bartholomew Founder and CEO

Mahesh Sambasivam Ph.D.

Senior Partner M&A

Dr. Sambasivam brings 20+ years of experience in medical device industry and holds a Ph. D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from Lehigh University. He serves in the leadership team of several medical device start-ups. 

He develops and executes ACQUISITION Strategies that strategically align companies to solve the challenges of the sell-side and buy-side dynamics.

Mahesh understands the complexities of growing companies and he typically assumes a leadership role in each task undertaken as he continues to lead Clients through successful GROWTH initiatives. 



Our experience has taught us that no two client situations are exactly alike and that your normal everyday pre-prepared solutions aren’t going to work. When we work with clients we take the time to truly get to the root of their issues and challenges and partner with them to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs. In that way, we ensure not only that the concepts and solutions will work for them but also that they will be taken on board enthusiastically and fully adopted by their teams. Without effective implementation, the greatest ideas in the world won’t bring any improvements, so we ensure we get full buy-in to deliver the results you not only want but also deserve!

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