What makes us different is that we truly take the time to work collaboratively with our clients business and markets. We provide pragmatic and proven solutions for success. We love to get hands on and actually sell and close deals for our clients.

We are not involved in quick interventions; quite honestly we feel this approach provides no real medium nor long-term gains. We work hard to provide a positive culture change that will allow a springboard for long-term success.

The sales teams are facing tougher and more challenging tasks as customers, channels, competitors and markets evolve rapidly Stakeholders and senior executives rely on us for support and objectivity to reevaluate their selling strategies and we can help answer the following:

  • What the sales force and channels are capable of accomplishing?
  • What sales revenue, market share, profit margin, acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers looks like?
  • With objectives in hand, how can we optimize our sales approach to changing market paradigms?
  • How can we improve our performance and wallet share with our largest and most strategic customers?
  • Where can we reduce costs while improving selling productivity?

As your sales consultant, we will develop and implement processes to build your commitment into a Professional Sales organization (PSO) and dramatically increase your revenue growth and profitability. Here are some of the most common sales growth elements:

  • Develop shorter selling cycle: Develop strong mutual agreements with prospective clients early in the selling cycle that define a step-by-step plan that will bring the process to an outcome within a mutually acceptable time frame
  • Develop high confidence calling at all levels: Develop a selling readiness toolkit that quickly helps establish credibility at the highest levels by truly understanding your prospective client, their challenges, and their vision.
  • Develop effective prospecting: Utilize a fresh, non-traditional approach to capturing your prospect’s interest and imagination on the first call. Quickly help them discover why it is in their best interest to invite you in.
  • Achieve high closing ratios in competitive situations: Actively close deals through your superior knowledge of your prospect’s needs and the precise execution of mutual agreements you will differentiate your solution, and yourself, from your competition.
  • Develop effective negotiations: Bring about successful outcomes with bilateral concessions. Never give anything away unless you’re getting something comparable, or of greater value in return.
  • Develop accurate Forecasting Tools: Achieve meaningful milestones throughout the selling cycle; the projected probability of a deal coming to fruition is within a significantly smaller margin of error. In addition, mechanisms are implemented to protect the integrity of the overall forecasting system.

Does any of this sound like what you need?

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