If you talk with a majority of companies today, I’m pretty sure most will tell you that sales are vital to their business. Without having a solid sales and selling system, you will struggle! With any business, there is always going to be good months, great months, and not so great months. The typical sales cycle will occur but there will always be hills and valleys, but with any business, having a sales process is vital. Most sales processes will always begin with the short and long term goals. It is extremely important to know what those are ahead of time and these need to be agreed upon by everyone on your sales team. In my doings and workings with a variety of companies, I’ve seen that too many haven’t shared those numbers or info with all involved. In the end, if a goal isn’t clearly defined or established, how can it be obtained if nobody knows what it is? That is why you have to develop a Selling System that is clearly defined, implemented and agreed upon by your team. Remember, ask for advice or feedback, your team might have ideas that can help make this plan solid!

A Selling System can be described as a process by which you develop an opportunity from start to finish. The start is the development and implementation of the plan. The finish is generally considered the end goal or what could be described as the winning or losing of the deal! Whereas, a process can be defined as a collection of activities or ask that produce specific goals. A process orientated sales organization will use the process to break down any barriers that could prevent the ultimate goal which is the closing of the deal. Ultimately, a process gives each action its place in a specific order and these actions must be completed in a specific sequence in order for them to effective. To have a solid sales and selling system the following must be established:

What Are The Goals Of A Selling System?

  • To have control over where you are in the process
  • You can predict the results
  • You can qualify and uncover prospects that are not worthy of your time (this is huge when it comes to time management)
  • You can identify what isn’t working
  • You can repeat what is working
  • You can save time by keeping track and focus efforts
  • You can recognize roadblocks
  • Gives you the ability to communicate with the team since everyone is on the same page
  • You can stay on track because you will have the ability to know where everyone is

What Are Some Of The Positive Results Of A Seling Process?

  • To close the deal
  • We lose the business but we don’t waste time focusing on lost business
  • A referral
  • We know what comes next
  • We don’t follow the buyer’s strategy and we follow our own process
  • We uncover the real needs of the buyer
  • Solutions are offered to the real problems

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you now know the importance of having solid sales and selling system. If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and if there’s a topic you would like me to discuss in the future please let me know!


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