Many companies have hired me as a CEO, a CEO for hire/outsourced, and a business leader. With that type of experience, I have been fortunate to learn a few things along the way. In my honest opinion, I have found that building businesses, working on their plans for growth and growing organizations has been by far the most rewarding part of my business. Knowing that you had a major impact on the growth of a business is very gratifying and I want to share twenty leadership qualities that I feel are necessary for a leader to build a solid foundation to support business growth.

The following are qualities and explanations that I feel are vital:

High Integrity – you must portray honesty and morals that others believe in. This is vital for them to believe in you and what you plan on doing.
Determination – having a drive and passion for what you do must be visible as others will tend to follow you when results are achieved.
Leads By Example – do you practice what you preach. If you say one thing, you must follow it up with your actions.
Inspirational – as a leader people look at you for motivation and drive. Does what you do and say motivate others?
Decisive – are you good at making decisions and sticking to them?
Visionary – do you use your imagination or other skill sets to plan for the future?
Strong Communicator – as a leader others look up to you in this aspect. Representing the company and being able to talk to a variety of different people in ways they understand is crucial to getting the job done.
Personable – they better like you!
Practical – those who have the ability to get rid of unimportant details in hopes of reaching bigger more important goals.
Accountable and Transparent – do you tell the truth and can others rely on you?
Adaptable – things change in the workplace all the time. Being able to change with them and keep the team on track is extremely important.
Great Listener – others like to hear their opinions heard. You must be able to listen to them and decide on their importance.
Consistent – stay on course
Tough But Fair – this is pretty self-explanatory
Confident – believing in yourself, having the ability to lead others and grow a company is something you must portray for others to see
Dynamic – be energetic and active, it’s contagious and others will love it.
Multi-Talented – you must have a variety of skills
Organized – this is a busy job with many different moving parts. Being able to find things quickly and effectively will be vital to getting the job done.
Process Driven – the ability to follow the plan or when changes are made you have the ability to write down a new process for others to follow.
Knows Where Support Is Needed – it’s okay to ask for help and it gives the others a sense of being part of the team.

Following a growth process and having strong leadership skills will greatly contribute to achieving success, however, as with many things, timing is everything. It is never too soon to have the right leadership in place or a growth plan built and implemented.

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