As an avid cyclist, I have always thought that there is often a true connection between athletes and over performers in the work-place.

I believe there are definite parallels between competitive sports and successful people in the work place.

Here are EIGHT ways to boost your performance both in the work place and on your bike…



1 – Take responsibility for your own training

If you take responsibility, you will achieve a lot more success. Being positive has several side effects. For example, it’s better to try to make your rides more attractive and that I can ride all year long, instead of complaining about why it’s so hot. I live in Arizona, make sense?

There should be adequate training and on-going development in the work place but there is nothing to stop any person from reading and studying in the pursuit of excellence.

2 – 80/20 Principle to your cycling training
If you invest in training time and you get a strong rate of return in cycling performance.

It’s quite easy to analyze the actions that drive the most success both in the work place and in the saddle. The saying is “no pain, no gain” and there’s no doubt a bit of suffering can go a long way if you want to beat the opposition

3 – Every ride should have a purpose
I want to be a stronger and a better cyclist but most of the time I set my goal as simple as “having fun”. If I’m tired or on a recovery day, it’s a great opportunity to practice some technical mountain bike skills, which do not require all my physical power.

In the work-place setting purposes for the tasks you are performing can keep you on track, on time and get you close to “having fun” in the workplace.

4 – Sleep more
This may sound obvious but one of the healthiest things in life is to sleep well. Most people don’t get enough sleep and their health suffers as a result.
For cyclists, lack of sleep will cause fatigue and affect performance. As a cyclist, sleeping is a crucial part of the recovery process.

I often attend tradeshows and I cannot count the number of people that take the opportunity to sample the local bars or clubs in a new town. I’m fine with that but I will organize a Team Building event “early” in the morning (once I’ve finished my ride) and I always take sadistic pleasure in targeting people with hang-overs or general sluggish behavior.

5 – Eat better and time your post-exercise meal
Good nutrition is vital to performance and recovery. If you don’t get energy immediately after exercise then you maintain the catabolic status and delay the recovery process.

Heavy lunches and drinking are for the most part a thing of the past, but I have seen a remarkable downturn in productivity after lunch due to eating and drinking habits. In business energy can come from completing tasks, not getting bogged down and have success along the way.

6 – Analyze your data
It’s always a good idea to take some time to reflect on your own performance. What did you achieve? How did you achieve it? What were the highlights? How many miles did you ride, how often? Analyzing your performance in the past 12 months will make you even stronger.

I don’t see any gap between competitive sports and the workplace on this issue.

7 – Make your training as specific as possible
I often ask myself what are the decisive parts of cycling that I need to improve? A hill climb? A downhill section perhaps? A basic rule of solid cycling training is to focus your training on what you are aiming for.

It is critical to keep a focused approach to improvement. Many positions in the corporate world are interwoven in an attempt to reduce heads and maximize the use of employees. Don’t forget to have a goal of where you are going and how you plan to do it.

8 – Make your Cycling plan now
The fastest way to improve as a cyclist without working harder is by adding some structure to your training. You don’t (necessarily) have to train more or harder to achieve better results.
If you achieve the right structure with proper amounts of training on the right days, there is a good chance that you will improve quickly and continue doing so.

In the work place remember to plan your work and work your plan, it’s that simple.

Did I miss anything? I would welcome your comments and thoughts on this topic.


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