What is a Selling System?

A selling system is the process by which you develop an opportunity from start to finish. The finish is generally considered the winning or losing of the deal.

What is a Process?

A process can be defined as a collection of activities or tasks that produce specific goals. A process orientated sales organization will use the process to break down any barriers that could prevent closing the deal.

A process gives each action it’s place in a specific order and these actions must be completed in a specific sequence in order for it to be effective.

Why have a Selling System?

– We have control of where we are in the process.
– Our results are predictable.
– We can qualify and uncover prospects that are not worthy of our time.
– We can identify what we are doing wrong.
– We can replicate what we are doing right.
– We can save time by keeping on track and focus efforts.
– We can recognize roadblocks or problems ahead of us.
– We can communicate with the team because we are using the same terminologies and processes.
– We know where we are at all times in the process.

What are some of the positive results of a Selling Process

1) We close the deal
2) We lose the business but we don’t waste time focusing on lost business.
3) We get a referral
4) We know what to do next.
5) We don’t follow the Buyers strategy and we follow our own process and direction.
6) We uncover real needs of the buyer and not those perceived.
7) Solutions are offered to the real problems.

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