As a CEO, an Outsourced CEO and a business leader I have been fortunate enough to have gained experience in a wide variety of companies, I have found that building business growth plans and growing organizations is the most rewarding aspect of my business.

Here are 20 of the leadership qualities, that are necessary if you are looking to for a leader to build a solid foundation to support a Business Growth platform:

1. High Integrity
2. Determined
3. Leads by example
4. Inspirational
5. Decisive
6. Visionary
7. Strong Communicator
8. Personable
9. Practical
10. Accountable and Transparent
11. Adaptable
12. Great listener
13. Consistent
14. Tough but fair
15. Confident
16. Dynamic
17. Multi- talented
18. Organized
19. Process driven
20. Knows where support is needed

Following a Growth process and having strong leadership skills will greatly contribute to achieving success, however as with many things, timing is everything. It is never too soon to have the right leadership in place or a Growth Plan built and implemented.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found the article interesting. I’d really welcome your feedback on this article or let me know if there is a new topic that you would like to discuss.

To Greater Success,
Chris Bartholomew
Founder & CEO
4X Inc

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