4X Inc. offers a variety of consulting services that do not fall neatly into one bucket, as our scope of work is entirely based on each individual client needs. Where it’s an M&A program or a Revenue Growth program our energy permeates through the entire company and interacts with all aspects of the business.

Below, see a variety of unique services that we can offer you. Click on each link to learn more!


Sales Consulting

What makes us different is that we truly take the time to work collaboratively with our clients business and markets. Learn More ➤

Business Growth Consulting

As your Business Growth Consultant, we address the critical challenges and questions facing stakeholders and senior executives. Learn More ➤

Outsourced VP Sales

As your Outsourced Vice President of Sales, we create a high-impact sales culture for start-ups and established companies. Learn More ➤

Outsourced CEO

For established companies, we can provide the leadership required during unexpected events or special projects, such as a technology implementation, an acquisition, joint venture or an unforeseen transition by a top executive. Learn More ➤

Business Turnaround Consulting

Turnaround consultants are brought into the company to devise and execute a plan of corporate renewal, assuming that the firm has enough potential to make it worth saving. Learn More ➤


4X Inc’s CEO placement/CEO Outsourcing is an excellent way to focus on core strengths and control costs, when expertise is needed to bridge leadership gaps or steer a new course. Learn More ➤


The process of buying a business can be narrowed down to one very simple question: Is the business you’re buying actually the business that you think you’re buying? Learn More ➤

If you feel that we may be able to help you with some of the challenges you are facing, then why not contact me for an informal discussion.


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