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Here are some of the fun projects that revenue consultants has been involved with:
  • First ever sales call. Spilled all my lunch in my lap and went to pieces. We won the contract for a Ghana government project after lunch.
  • Negotiated and closed a major government-funded project with Indonesian OPEC minister.
  • Worked with numerous companies in Europe and US to form foreign subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Kuwait.
  • Negotiated and secured a contract in Singapore with the President of a major company while his female assistant loudly sucked the eyes from a fish.
  • Traveled 24 hours to reach a client, got shouted at in Thai language and asked to leave. Still don’t know why, I never even said a word!
  • Closed two major projects in Tokyo with the largest Japanese Construction company. First contracts awarded to a company outside of Japan.
  • Presented a Sales training program to 300 non-English-speaking Indonesians (I don’t speak Bahasa Indonesian)
  • Secured a 5-year Kuwaiti government contract after gulf invasion
  • Worked on major projects in Ecuador with a President of a local political party along with the Chief Justice of the supreme court.
  • Built a $20 Million pipeline in • Closed a $20 Million contract with a customer who has only placed business with a competitor for past 18 years.
  • Doubled the size of a Medical Device company in two years resulting in owners selling to Publicly Traded Company.

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