Does it matter what market our clients work in?
Not at all. What matters is that our clients have a commitment to fast but sustainable growth.

Our clients are highly skilled at what they do in their day to day activities, but are often unsure how to take their business to the next level or are so focused on the daily tasks that they cannot spend the time needed to work on the business.

Our clients are diverse and have their core businesses in:

• Advance Wound Care
• Manufacturing
• Industrial
• Composites
• Building & Construction
• Wind Energy
• Marine
• Packaging
• Plastics

• Healthcare
• Aerospace
• Distribution
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Medical Equipment & Device
• Financial Services
• Transportation
• Other Professional Services

The truth is that few managers join their chosen profession knowing how to build strategic and non strategic growth plans and often do not have the experience required to build the company and infrastructure by millions of dollars, in parallel to managing a team that demand all of their energy.

4X has worked in the following countries:

Algeria, Australia, Austria,
Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium,
Brazil, Canada, Chile,
China, Denmark, Ecuador,
Egypt, England, Germany,
Greece, Guatemala, India,
Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,
Ireland, Israel, Italy,
S Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco,
The Netherlands, Norway, N Ireland,
Pakistan, Peru, Portugal,
Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore,
Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden,
Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan,
Thailand, UAE, USA,
Venezuela, Wales.

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