On the whole, business productivity is on the decline in America. Some of the main reasons why is individuals are over-worked, stressed, thinking about other things in their life, don’t take enough time for themselves, or they don’t get enough sleep at home. Another major reason why productivity is on the decline is they aren’t challenged enough at work. That’s why businesses need to be aware of this and that’s why businesses need to look for tools to help their workers become more productive!  The following are my top seven ways for businesses to help their employees:
  1. Be aware of the afternoon doldrums – this happens a lot after employees eat heavy lunches or for those that drink a lot of caffeine. Green tea or water is a much better solution.
  2. No to distractions – social media and texting have become some of the biggest time wasters. Prevent excessive phone use in the workplace
  3. Live a healthy lifestyle – offer programs to help employees achieve a healthier lifestyle. This could be gym memberships, yoga, etc.
  4. Keep business meetings on a tight schedule – offering too many meetings in one day or having meetings without a schedule makes it easy to get off task or cause boredom. Try limiting meetings to the shortest amount of time.
  5. Reward employees – don’t forget the most important people in your business. Reward them for great work and always give positive feedback when possible.
  6. Enforce teamwork – getting your employees involved in groups is always a great way to enhance creativity and an enjoyable environment at work (as long as they like each other).
  7. Get rest – try to get your employees to lay out their clothes the night before and go to bed at a decent hour. Try to limit alcoholic drinks and caffeine at night. Relax as much as possible before bed to get a good night’s rest. This is huge for the next day!
In the end, productivity is extremely vital in the workplace. If you are a CEO or business owner try giving your employees some of these suggestions if you’re noticing that their productivity is decreasing. We hope these help, feel free to leave comments if you have others and if there are topics you would like me to discuss in the future, please let me know!
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