If your business is stuck in mediocracy it isn’t a bad thing it just means you might need to change a few key components around. Trust me when I say, over the lifespan of my business I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve changed a business plan, reworked my short term and long term goals and even changed my target market. It’s okay to do this because it means you are either thinking ahead, preventing potential pitfalls or educating yourself on current needs and standards. For me, I define myself as a salesperson capable of communicating with “C” level audiences both on a tactical and strategic level. I pride myself on offering a variety of consulting services that do not fall neatly into one bucket, as our scope of work is entirely based on each individual client needs. A revenue growth program permeates through the entire company and interacts with all aspects of the business and if your business sales are down, if you are finding yourself stuck or if the overall moral of the company isn’t good then we need to talk.

As the founder of Revenue Consultant, you will hire a company that is dedicated to a sustainable and fast-paced business growth. I’ve helped clients transform the way they normally do business and finalize deals they would have never thought possible. My clients have closed billions of dollars in sales all around the world and it’s my business savvy that you will definitely want on your team. My mixture of business finesse, philosophies, experience, technical know-how, knowledge along with just the right balance of fun is just a few of things that set myself apart from the others.

The following are a list of services that I promise can take your business from mediocracy to growth:

  • Sales Consulting
  • Business Growth Consulting
  • Outsourced VP Sales
  • Outsourced CEO
  • Business Turnaround Consulting
  • CEO
  • Acquisitions

If you’re facing problems, distractions, lack of growth, troubled employees or investors than we need to talk. If your organization is looking to make a real difference and is passionate/committed to improvement and to working collaboratively in a partnership to develop solutions that will exceed any of your goals or expectations then I will definitely be a mutually beneficial hire!  Just remember that my most important rule is that you need to have fun too!. If you should have any questions, please contact me or for a list of frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE!

Remember, it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and hire someone from outside your company to make you see things that you don’t always. Making this move is usually what separates the good companies from those that remain “stuck” in their ways. Let’s talk!


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