Are you looking to grow your business? Is your business stuck in a rut and not sure which direction to go in next? Is your business in the need of injecting life into it? Are you prepping your business for sale? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Chris Bartholomew is your answer. He has tons of experience and if you want to have fun while doing it then you will want to contact me today. With that said, I hope this blog post gives you a better idea of who I am and why hiring me will be your best decision.

If you were to ask me about building companies, you’ll get a large smile, tons of energy and a passionate discussion of building a revenue growth model that will make your company highly successful and a better place to work. The “GROWTH SPECIALIST” has been credited with drive, passion, inspiration, and knowledge that turns companies around exceeds their sales expectations or gets them sold. What sets me apart are my philosophies, experiences, methodologies and the right measure of fun. I get “in the trenches” with my clients and their clients, I lead contract negotiations or any activities needed to drive success.

Because of my experience and determination, I’ve built companies, saved them from the brink of extinction and forged exciting new growth paths. I’m a major game-changer and my specialty roles include:

I’ve enjoyed some great CEO, Business Growth and Sales Consultancy assignments in the United States, Europe, Middle East and the Far East. I’ve worked with clients in Government, Public and Private sectors on projects exceeding billions of dollars. I’ve also had the privilege to operate at many levels including a Minister of Energy, OPEC leader and a President of a political party.

Ultimately, I would like to connect with Owners, CEO’s, Presidents and Senior Executives who are like-minded individuals that share my passion for growing their companies.

Client Reviews

Chris Bartholomew is a results-driven individual that never loses sight of conquering key milestones within a project. I had the pleasure of working with Chris in launching a key product and can attest to Chris’s collaborative and transparent approach which made me feel assured of a successful outcome. Chris’s honesty and insightful questioning are two key elements of his personality which set him apart from other professionals I’ve worked with in similar roles. For these reasons, I highly recommend Chris for any opportunity that fits his interests.

Ron Bonacci – External Manufacturing & Logistics Sourcing

I had the opportunity to work with Chris in the past 2 years for a key product launch in which Chris played a very important role as a strategic partner to make this project successful. From contract negotiation, business relationship, project management, strategic planning, Chris led his team to achieve the project milestones and overcome many challenges. He has always worked hard for this project and his professionalism and sense of humor are a great combination in addition to his knowledge. Chris remains customer focused and is a strong team leader and player across all functions.

Lewis Tsai – Associate Director, External Manufacturing at Bristol-Myers Squibb

I’m a results driven individual with the passion for growing your business but the only requirement I have is you have to have fun doing it. If that fits you, then contact me today to learn more!






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