There are a lot of CEO’s in the world and most people think of them as the head of the company, someone who wears a suit to work every day and are extremely strict on how the company is run. If you think this way you are amongst the majority but in this blog post, we want to focus in on what the differences are between a good CEO and a great CEO. We will also focus on what he or she will have to do on a regular basis to build maximum stakeholder value which is key!

What does a great CEO have to do differently to create innovation? The following are keys to the CEO role that can help answer those questions:

  • Set the leadership direction with mission and vision
    • Do everything with the companies’ mission and vision in mind
    • Be innovative and competitive
    • Be a leader of the planning process by focusing on what needs to be done now along with focusing on what the short and long term goals are
    • Keep the customer in mind in all decision-making
  • Act as the chief communicator
    • Lead the conversation and be the final decision maker
    • Keep all goals, facts, and challenges in front of people. Also keep the vision, mission, company objectives in mind to gain alignment and involvement from others.
    • Promote effective and continuous communication among all people that are involved in the company. This is vital to gain trust amongst those involved with the company and the feeling of being involved.
  • Lead the Leadership/Executive Management Team
    • Promote effective and creative interaction with this team as a model for others to see
    • Build morals by promoting effective teamwork amongst employees along with allowing them to effectively work together to lead the company to higher levels of growth. Healthy teamwork is vital to the growth of the company and showing that you can put together a solid group of individuals who buy into the mission and vision of the company.
  • Identify and support the culture
    • Set the tone and ensure retention of the corporate values by setting an example and reinforcing the values in others.
    • Instill an “entrepreneurial spirit” in everyone along with accountability for results.
    • Maintain a healthy financial picture that balances short and long-term needs.
    • Use appropriate methods of measurement and control to ensure follow-through and accountability at all levels.
    • Ensure that all hiring practices focus on finding the “right” people with the best talents and fit with the culture.
  • Build morale and culture
    • Reinforce positive feedback when necessary to ensure retention of employees
    • Instill an “entrepreneurial spirit” in everyone along with accountability for results.
  • Design structure, methodologies and processes that fit strategy and culture
    • Promote “teamwork” in all departments
    • Implements a restructuring program when necessary, based on strategic needs, and ensure the new role definitions are clear and the change process is effectively managed.
    • Allow for an “open” door policy, Give your employees the feeling that they can talk to you about anything.
  • Encourage and engage in continuous learning.
    • Search for and identify new ways to improve the company and to cultivate innovation
    • Proactively ask for feedback and use it to make a positive change.

I’ve found that the more open you are to your employees, the more you involve them to complete the team and most importantly that you listen to them is what will make you a great CEO. Building a work culture that your employees love to show up to is vital in not only the success of the company but the success of your job too. If you should have any questions about the above characteristics, contact me today!


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