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20+ years of Global Leadership experience – Increasing Stakeholder Value, Maximizing Revenue, and Optimizing Production


Visionary Leader, Committed to excellence, with expertise directing cross-functional product development, engineering, manufacturing, operations, finance, sales, and business development teams focused on eliminating operating costs, improving profitability, increasing production efficiency, developing innovative products to penetrate markets, and strategically managing future business needs.
Recognized as adriver of change with proven successes in executing and leading strategic value-added initiatives centered-around increasing profits by maximizing production and sales opportunities, leveraging aggressive growth strategies to ensure the success of established, start-up or turnaround organizations.
Highly organized and able to multi-task in fast-paced and changing environments, maintaining a reputation built on Integrity, quality, service, and uncompromising ethics; utilizing advanced analytical and problem solving skills with proven process improvement methodologies to identify areas of strength and weakness; to implement changes in manufacturing, production, and sales processes with an emphasis on top and bottom line performance.
Maximize human capital by hiring, supervising, coaching, training, and mentoring qualified individuals, and consistently developing work environments which direct employees to take accountability and share success in the recognition.
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) / Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) – Combine advanced engineering degree and A Fellowship in Sales & Marketing Management have enabled hands on leadership experience in Engineering and Business Management to deliver technical and operational solutions to the company and its clients.


Created and implemented an aggressive Revenue Growth plan for a manufacturer which was dormant and without vision and direction. Led the turnaround by defining and launching short and long term business plans, market penetration strategies, and client development targets to maximize annual sales opportunities exceeding $10MM.
➢ IMPACT: Exceeded the 5 year growth plan within the 2nd year, leveraging the company’s sale with stake-holders gains were 50% ($25MM) higher than expected.

Conceived, developed, obtained capital funding, and implemented a $20MM expansion for a wind energy/aerospace public company which was not able to meet production demands. Due to aggressive sales initiatives, production was unable to keep pace with the needs of the new business which was costing the business >$20MM/Year in lost revenues.
➢ IMPACT: Successful execution of the production expansion on time and within budget, driving additional revenue of over $15MM within the first year, which led to the profitable sale of the company within 3 years.

Established and built a start-up chemical manufacturing company, providing a high quality / low cost product to compete in a $100MM market, of which 90% market share was held by a single competitor. Built the organization focused on providing the cost effective products while adding the highest level of quality and personalized service to the customers.
➢ IMPACT: Secured 12 nationwide distributing manufacturers within the first 12 months launching a 10% gain market share and $10MM in revenues within 5 years, while attaining profitability within the 2nd year.

Launched a turnaround initiative to maximize revenue opportunities (projected lost opportunity costs exceeded $50MM) for an international plastics company with substantial production capacity and minimal sales. Established the revenue growth program as well as the global infrastructure to support the rapid demand.
➢ IMPACT: A global pipeline was built, exceeding sales goals by 500% ($250MM) within the first 12 months and a second year forecast exceeding $500MM.

Negotiated a 5 year consultancy contract connecting American companies with the Kuwaiti government as contractors and manufacturers of materials and services for the rebuild of refineries after the first Gulf war. Identified and built strategic coalitions with US manufacturers/contractors and Kuwaiti officials.
➢ IMPACT: The 3 major Kuwaiti refineries were able to regain operational status and capturing millions daily, while helping American companies securing contracts exceeding $100MM by US financed programs.

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