Having a Professional Selling Organization (PSO) culture is essential to the success of any businesses. As with most employees, there are always a few employees who just don’t fit the position they are attempting to fill. But why do sales people fail, we believe that these are some of the reasons:


– Weak Sales Leadership.
– Having no sales plan.
– Not making enough phone calls.
– Insufficient F2F visits.
– Lack of organization skills.
– Poor job fit.
– Poor Corporate Management.
– Laziness.
– A short-term focus.
– Poor follow-up and service
– Focusing too much on the wrong prospect and customers.
– Inability to multi-task.
– Poor training or no training.
– No Value Proposition.
– Weak support from the company.
– Not listening.
– Poor communication.
– Ignoring.
– Not adapting to change.
– Failure to work smarter.
– Inability to build relationships.

What’s the Solution?

Once you’ve identified why your sales team aren’t selling more, the answer will be a combination of sales and leadership skills training, developing and implementing accountability programs and prospecting activities.

The only thing that will fix a bad economy is SALES and the only thing that will prevent another bad company is LEADERSHIP.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found the article interesting. I’d really welcome your feedback on this article or let me know if there is a new topic that you would like to discuss.

To Greater Success,
Chris Bartholomew
Founder & CEO
4X Inc

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