A lot of CEOs are not successful, and some who are, build success for only a short period of time. Did you know that forty percent of CEO’s have a tenure of less than 2 years?

I have come to the conclusion that there are a number of different reasons that CEOs fail. Here are 12 of the most common ones:

1) The CEO is inconsistent and at some point his team may feel that the CEO is lacking in integrity.
2) The biggest challenge facing CEO’s is bridging the gap between strategies and results.
3) CEO’s did not engage their organization in their business strategy.
4) They do not see the bigger picture nor do they understand the market around them.
5) Groups or divisions mis-interpret strategy as it relates to them and go off in different directions.
6) Employees are not allowed to free-think but are force fed ideas.
7) Lack of attention to their financials.
8) No passion for where the business is today nor it’s potential for the future. They simply just run out of steam.
9) They take their eyes “off the ball” and are distracted from leading the company. An example of this may be a potential acquisition.
10) CEO’s often forget to stay connected with customers. Strategic accounts can feel slighted without high-level attention.
11) The CEO’s ideas do not have a “long shelf-life” and their ideas do not stand the test of time.
12) The CEO does not fit the culture of the company that often leads to the CEO trying to change a successful business culture to that of their own.

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