Sales people increase sales by following these simple rules

1) Successful salespeople do what they real enjoy doing.
They are willing and able to commit the time and effort to becoming a true sales professional. Only a few are willing to sacrifice sufficient time to excel at the top level and to increase sales to the maximum.

2) Successful salespeople know what they want.
A driven salesperson will not be indecisive, they will have a written set of goals documented for continual reference.

3) Successful salespeople commit to career long learning.
The best and highest paid salespeople will have an openness to continued education and will take training as a way of bolstering their own bag of tricks.

4) Successful salespeople are great time management people.
Salespeople are constantly losing time with disruptions or put-offs. It is critical to have a time management calendar and stick closely to it.

5) Successful salespeople are great at protecting their integrity.
Great salespeople will not trick or cheat, they will use skill sets that motivate clients to “give up” the sale. It truly is a small world and it has been said so many time…
“What goes around, come around”

6) Successful salespeople are great replicators.
Salespeople know that following a sales process that has brought them success before, make sense to copy again.
If leaders or other sale people have proven success records, skilled sale people know there’s nothing wrong with patterning their self on other.

7) Successful salespeople are great at adapting.
The best salespeople understand that a process, a script, a set of selling rules will take you far, however, the best know when to go off script and use their natural skills to make a selling situation work.

8) Successful salespeople enjoy their success.
Skilled salespeople will be first to work and often last to leave, they know these are the activities to needed to increase sales. They work hard but take the time to play hard. Most enjoy competitive sports and participate whenever they can.
Salespeople know they must have a break from work, even though they enjoy it. It’s really important to come back with refresh thoughts and motivations.

Sometimes its really difficult for sales people “to move up” to the next level without help. It’s impossible to constantly over achieve unless your allow these rules to change your sales culture or if you don’t have the tools to see it through.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found the article interesting. I’d really welcome your feedback on this article or let me know if there is a new topic that you would like to discuss.

To Greater Success,
Chris Bartholomew
Founder & CEO
4X Inc